About Us

DANE INTERNATIONAL COMMODITIES, INC. was established in 1995 as a full-service import / general trading company specializing in the supply of California Raisins, US-origin Shelled Nuts, such as Almonds, Walnuts, Pecans, Pistachios and Hulled Sesame Seeds and other bakery ingredients.


Supplier of choice ingredients for a good life.


Dane International Commodities, Inc. aims to be a reputable and reliable supplier of imported, quality, and safe agricultural products and food ingredients to the Philippine food industry.

We believe in upholding the welfare and trust of our customers by providing outstanding customer service, competitive pricing, and timely deliveries that meet customers’ needs.

We recognize the importance of a healthy working environment through our shared values of T.I.C.P.A.P (Teamwork, Integrity, Customer Focus, Product Excellence, Accountability, and Perseverance) – our core fundamentals to success.



Product Excellence




Customer Focus

Over the years of operations, business relationships have been established with international packers, handlers, growers and suppliers for their regular supply of their products to the Philippine market. The company is also open to distributorship of other foreign-sourced raw materials and ingredients for the food industry and supplies for the hospitality industry. With the increasing emphasis by the local market on health and nutrition, we have decided to focus on supplying healthy, natural and organic food ingredients and finished food products and representing foreign suppliers with same product philosophy. More specifically, Dane International Commodities, Inc. distributes the following products in the local market:

• U.S. Almonds (Whole Raw, Roasted, Diced, Blanched & Natural Sliced, Slivered and Meal)
• U.S. Raw Shelled Walnuts
• U.S. Raw Shelled Pecans
• U.S. Raw Shelled Pistachios
• U.S. Raw Shelled Hazelnuts (Natural, Blanched & Meal)
• Macadamia Nuts
• Cashew Nuts (Splits, Chopped or Diced, Meal)

• California Natural Seedless Raisins
• U.S. Golden Raisins
• U.S. Pitted Dates
• U.S. Pitted Prunes
• U.S. Dried Cranberries
• U.S. Dried Blueberries
• U.S. Dried Cherries
• Dried Strawberries
• Dried Apricots
• Maraschino Cherries w/ & w/out stem (in glass & PET jars)
• U.S. Glazed Fruit Mix
• U.S. Glazed Red & Green Cherries
• U.S. Glazed Orange Peel

• U.S. Dehydrated Potato Flakes
• U.S. Dehydrated Potato Flour
• U.S. Dehydrated Potato Granules 

• Aqua Hulled Sesame Seeds
• Black Sesame Seeds
• Flax Seeds (Brown & Golden)
• Chia Seeds
• Pumpkin Seeds
• Sunflower Seeds
• Buckwheat Seeds
• Pine Nuts
• Quinoa

Market Segments
• Food Manufacturing (Confectionary / Industrial Baking Firms / Snack Firms)
• Food Service Industry (Hotels / Bakeshops / Restaurants / Airlines)
• Retail Industry